Wunderbar Bollywood!

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Bollywood..Known for lavish entertainment.

For most Germans, the word Bollywood is associated with Indian films featuring colourful costumes, lavish musical numbers,  extravagantly choreographed dances and exotic faces.

One of India’s largest TV networks, Zee TV, now aims to bring these films and other Indian programs into the living rooms of the Germans. Zee, which claims to have viewers in over 165 countries, started a new channel from July 28, in the European country.

The channel – which will be available for free via cable and satellite – is broadcast round the clock, and it is part of the network’s strategy to expand its presence internationally.

The Indian film industry is the biggest in the world, with the American counterpart placing third — behind Nollywood, Nigeria’s equivalent. According to India’s censor board, more than 1600 films were produced in the country in 2012. Even in India, Bollywood is not the biggest industry in terms of output. Last year, more films were produced in Tamil (262) and Telugu (256) than in Hindi (221).

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Talking to Deutsche Welle earlier this year, Zee TV chairman Subhash Chandra said the channel’s programming would primarily be made up of Bollywood content.

“However, it will be specifically tailor-made for the German market and adapted for the country,” he noted.

Germany already boasts a vast number of TV channels and has a reputation as a difficult market for foreign media content. Still, Chandra remains confident viewers in Germany would want to watch Zee TV as “the positioning of our content is happy and celebratory, and it caters to people of all ages.” – CINEWS

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