Wynne meets Snyder of Michigan to talk economic cooperation

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Premier Kathleen Wynne met with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in Detorit on Wednesday and released the following statement:

“Governor Snyder and I met today to discuss opportunities to strengthen our economies and create jobs by increasing support for the auto and manufacturing sectors, and making border crossings more efficient.

We also shared ideas on the environmental stewardship of the Great Lakes and, on behalf of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers, we released the first-ever regional strategy to advance the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence maritime transportation system.

Ontario and Michigan’s manufacturing and industrial sectors are linked as part of integrated supply chains, and so our economies are also intertwined. In 2015, two-way goods trade between Ontario and Michigan totalled $74 billion.

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To continue to strengthen our economies and create jobs on both sides of the border, we are focused on developing strong, competitive business environments that spur innovation and growth. In Ontario, we are fostering a dynamic and innovative business climate to build a prosperous, low-carbon economy.

Maintaining a strong and productive relationship will help Ontario and Michigan increase trade and keep our region competitive.” – CINEWS

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