Wynne threatens Brown with legal action over Sudbury comments

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As things stand, it looks as if the battle between Premier Kathleen Wynne and Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown could not just be at the ballot box but also in court. This week the beleaguered Premier Wynne who has been under sustained attack lashed out and threatened defamation after Brown said she was on “trial” in Sudbury.

Literally minutes before Wynne took the stand as a Crown witness in the byelection bribery case on Wednesday morning, her lawyer fired off a letter to Brown demanding an apology.

Siegel is demanding Brown “publish a full retraction of the defamatory statements, to be published by every media outlet that has republished them, and distributed to every media outlet that had a representative in attendance.”

Her lawyer, who also wants Brown to “refrain from making any further defamatory statements whatsoever about Premier Wynne.”

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This is a way of effectively muzzling opposition criticism.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath meanwhile said Brown has shot himself in the foot and should “absolutely” say sorry to Wynne.

Patrick Brown says he will ignore Wynne’s “baseless” threat of legal action over his comments about the Sudbury byelection scandal trial.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, was in court Wednesday to testify in the Sudbury bribery scandal where two organizers for the provincial Liberal Party are on trial over accusations that they offered to bribe a candidate to end his bid for the party nomination.

Premier Wynne in her testimony said she was trying to keep the Liberal family together when she offered a would-be candidate opportunities within her party if he dropped out of a nomination race.

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Ms. Wynne faced more than four hours of questions from prosecutors and defence lawyers on Wednesday in Sudbury over her party’s handling of a 2015 by-election in the Northern Ontario city.
A lot is at stake and what happens in this court room could certainly effect the provincial elections next year. -CINEWS

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