‘X-Files’ agent couple ‘desperate’ to reunite

Melbourne, Dec 12 (ANI): Chris Carter, maker of the 1990’s hit sci-fi drama ‘The X-Files,’ has revived the hopes of reuniting the agent couple Mulder and Scully in its latest reboot.

The 58-year-old TV producer said that if observed minutely, the duo is desperate to get back together and this could be clearly seen in the first episode and in the subsequent episodes, News.com.au reported.

‘The Night Stalker’ author noted that the couple’s now “rocky” relationship was a product of growing apart over time, adding that there are new questions to answer in the modern context as the world had a different scenario in 2002, when the series went off, compared to what it will be in 2016, when the show will air.

The series, which will be fast-tracked to Network 10 in 2016, relied heavily on the sexual tension-fuelled platonic relationship between the two main characters who eventually became a couple by the end of the series. (ANI)

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