Xi’s visit to bolster China-US trust, cooperation

Beijing, Sep 17 (IANS) Chinese President Xi Jinping will make clear during his tour of the United States later this month that cooperation will foster mutual benefit while conflict will bring harm to both sides, Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said.

Xi, who is scheduled to visit the US from September 22 to 25, will focus on boosting trust, and trying to address concerns that China and the US contradict each other when dealing with issues such as international relations and Asia Pacific order, Wang said at the 14th Lanting Forum held by the ministry.

“Xi’s visit aims to enhance friendly cooperation between China and the US and contribute to global peace and development. It will surely be a major milestone for China-US relations and world peace and development,” Wang said.

“A major highlight of President Xi’s visit to the US will be his interactions with the American people,” Wang said, adding that Xi will talk with state politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers and students.

A series of measures to promote civilian exchanges between the two countries would be announced during Xi’s trip, Peoples Daily quoted Wang as saying.

Cooperation agreements would be reached in the fields of finance and trade, energy, climate change, environmental protection, science and technology, agriculture, law enforcement, aviation, and infrastructure.

Wang stressed that relations between the two countries go far beyond the bilateral context and take on a global strategic implication. China and the US working together benefits both countries and the world at large, while frictions in relations undermine both country’s interests and affect the wider world.

“We hope that both sides will use the opportunity to reaffirm their respective development direction and strategic intentions, their growing common interests and their common responsibility for peace, stability and development,” Wang said.

Xi’s upcoming trip will be the third visit exchanged between the two presidents in the past three years. “It shows just how much both sides value this relationship and how much willing both sides are to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation,” Wang said.

Xi would also visit the UN headquarters in New York to attend summits commemorating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the UN from September 26 to 28.

The president will focus on global development, especially for developing countries, during his visit to the UN headquarters.

According to Wang, Xi will announce “important measures” China will take to support the UN which will demonstrate China’s commitment to shoulder its responsibilities and uphold world peace.

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