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Yes, it’s resolution time again!

Sabrina Almeida

I almost didn’t do it this year, however gnawing guilt pressured me into continuing the almost extinct tradition. After all the second week of January is not too late to introspect and create a mind map for 2019, is it? And I must admit that I feel good about committing to something however small it may be.

Surprisingly many friends asked about resolutions as the new year arrived. I managed to side step the question. The Christmas season was a busy one that just whizzed by. Exhaustion held me hostage and I wasn’t thinking about or interested in charting course for the next 365 days. I did a miserable job of keeping last year’s pledges, so there was little point in going through the motions again I thought. I could almost see the triumphant grins on my sons’ faces. They’ve been trying to get this message across for years and almost won but sheer habit triumphed in the end.

Like most people, I started out in 2018 determined to be more physically active. Sadly, it was yet another year of broken promises with many starts and stops and not more than 3 months of effort to exercise. So, I’m divesting myself of the fitness pledge. I’m still going to try but not put it on the list anymore.

All was not lost as I carried last year’s family pledge of reducing the consumption of added sugars squarely on my shoulders. Never thought I would drink black coffee but now do. I can also proudly say that I’ve reduced the amount of salt in my diet greatly too.

However, there’s been a price to pay! Now I’m the weird one who eats eggs without salt or pepper and undressed salads. My boys are more turned off than inspired by my actions. In fact, they’ve gotten worse over the last year and to the point where I believe they’ve either been switched in their late teens or become host bodies for sugar and fast food addicts.

Without the fitness and diet resolutions, I had to dig really deep to come up with some self improvement guidelines for 2019. Being a fastidiously healthy eater, there is little scope for a pledge here and to make one would be almost like cheating. The downside was that it took away two of the easiest resolutions to make, at least on paper.

Then I read somewhere that even tiny tweaks in lifestyle could make a world of difference. So, some behaviour changes might be on the cards… being less judgemental, irritable and high-minded… something along those lines and the list does not stop there!!! LOL you’re probably thinking I’m setting myself up for failure again! Never mind what it might do to me by the time 2020 arrives but my family will be ecstatic.

Now I had to do something for myself and this led me to a common affliction —stress! First, I had to admit I was affected by it and that really was the biggie. As cool and calm as I think I am, I realized that I was not completely free of this malaise. So, my biggest resolve in 2019 is more like a knock-back. I refuse to accept stress. If I see my sons’ rooms strewn with clothing, used cutlery on my clean kitchen counters, drawers and cabinet doors left open, trip over shoes as I enter the door or my spice bottles on the wrong shelves… and of course if the in-laws say something critical… I’m not going question my child-rearing, housekeeping and interpersonal skills.

Since starting small is the way to go, it’ll probably take 12 months not to fret and fume over any one of them. But one has to start somewhere, and I’d like to be that go-with-the-flow person, so wish me luck.

The next had to be one I enjoy doing—traveling. (It is probably on everyone’s list.) This was really easy and takes me to a happy place just thinking about it. Perhaps I should think about Hawaii when I trip over the slippers someone has thoughtlessly left behind the front door. And with a little bit of luck and good fortune, I will be globe trotting this year.

Digging deeper, I came up with another nice one, highly recommended by the self-help gurus and a great de-stresser as well. To forgive myself for big transgressions as well as the little ones! And so, I will be picking myself up, dusting myself off, and getting back on the proverbial horse each time I fall off the wagon of resolutions.

This year I’m going to celebrate my wins, remember my reasons (intent is the main thing, right?) for making the pledges and start over each day, week, month or quarter if I have to.
Come join me in crushing new year’s resolutions one at a time!!! -CINEWS

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