You can bring boutique hotel inspiration to guestrooms

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Welcome family and friends with a soothing guestroom this holiday season. Refresh your spare bedroom with these quick tips from Sharon Grech, colour and design expert for Benjamin Moore.

Time to get crafty: At this time of year, new furniture may be the last thing you want to add to your shopping list. “Refurbishing old furniture can easily change the look of a guest bedroom,” declares Grech. “Headboards can be an impressive focal point in any bedroom, so add one or revamp an old one with paint or fabric and upholstery nails. Simply painting an accent colour on the wall behind the head of the bed can make a grand statement.”

It’s all in the details: Small details like fresh towels on the side table, scented soap, and fluffy pillows are key to making your guests feel comfortable and extra special. Become the ultimate host by placing a bag of artisanal treats on the pillow or stacking books and a lamp on the nightstand for avid readers.

Encourage relaxation: Colour largely contributes to creating a calm, soothing environment. “Pick your paint colour last. Help guests unwind with classic neutrals such as whites and beiges. Simply White OC-117 and Ballet White OC-9 are a couple of my favourites.” For a pop of soothing colour, Grech favours blues and greens, which won’t be too stimulating.

Make painting a breeze: The holidays are a busy time, so pick a paint that dries fast and doesn’t require many coats. “Take advantage of paints that have zero volatile organic compounds to avoid keeping windows open during cooler weather.” says Grech. “I recommend Regal Select from Benjamin Moore, which offers premium performance and is both a paint and a primer in one advanced formula. That way, you can easily and quickly create an inviting guestroom before the holidays.” – NewsCanada

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