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Patient and former employee, Shiraz Manji and his wife

Osler Foundation’s public fundraising campaign for Peel Memorial

Osler Foundation recently kicked off the public portion of its $30 million fundraising campaign for the new, state-of-the-art, Peel Memorial. The ‘You Have The Power’ campaign for Peel Memorial features real patients with real stories. Each of these individuals is profoundly grateful for the exceptional care they have received from Oslers Brampton facilities, appreciates the additional care they will receive at Peel Memorial and understands the critical role the community must play to help finish and equip Peel Memorial.

The funding that’s needed to finish the dream

While the government will pay 90 percent of the cost of construction, Osler Foundation must raise $30 million through the community to help complete the construction. It must also provide 100% of the funds to equip the facility. Peel Memorial is a new, state-of-the-art hospital that will open in early 2017. Providing complementary services to Oslers Brampton Civic Hospital, Peel Memorial will have an Urgent Care Centre, as well as a range of specialty clinics, day programs and services – from high-tech diagnostics and surgery, to seniors, womens and childrens health.

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Through the You Have The Power campaign, Osler Foundation showcases how the community has the power to impact the lives of patients through their donations.
My baby, Kaylee arrived a little earlier than expected. Today, she is healthy and growing. We will turn to Peel Memorial for years to come as she grows into adulthood. I believe that everyone knows that the majority of their familys health care will happen at their local community hospital. It is my hope that through my daughters participation in the fundraising campaign, Osler Foundation will be able to increase awareness and inspire the community to become involved by making a donation. Government funding simply doesnt cover the cost of the medical equipment that will play such a vital role in the daily operations of the new Peel hospital. By sharing Kaylees story, we hope the advertising will inspire the community to make their own commitment to bring improved health care closer to home.“- Ms. Rebecca Taylor

I am one of the patients that agreed to be featured in the campaign. I recently underwent knee surgery through the day surgery program which will soon be offered at the new Peel Memorial. Today I am feeling well and working towards a full recovery so that I can enjoy my favourite activities in retirement. As a patient and former Peel Memorial and Brampton Civic employee, I believe it is my civic duty and obligation to be part of this important fundraising campaign which will benefit the general public in accessing a variety of health care services. No one plans to go to the hospital, but it is a comfort knowing it is there. Increasing awareness of the need for donations will help ensure that the new Peel Memorial will have the very best equipment available to benefit many generations in the years to come. The campaigns most important message is that the power of every gift –no matter how large or small – will make a difference.” – Mr. Shiraz Manji

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I am a Brampton resident and one of the faces of the Canadian Caribbean community. My son Randy and I are grateful for the services Oslers hospitals and we are impressed at the outreach and support generated by this campaign. Together we decided to lend our story to the You Have The Power fundraising initiative to share our message of strength and healing. In April 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis resulted in surgery, chemotherapy and subsequent radiation therapy. Today, one year later, I am happy to report that I am a cancer survivor and pleased to share the great work of the Peel Memorial medical team through the hospitals special fundraising program, You Have The Power. Now that I have overcome my battle with cancer, I would like to do all I can to share my story so that others will know the difference they can make by donating.”- Rosalind Teekah and Randy Ramadhin

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Donations can be one-time individual, through a monthly payroll plan, or from corporations. Donors who wish to give a $25,000 gift will have the opportunity to select a room to proudly display an attractive and lasting plaque, commemorating their gift at Peel Memorial. Visit to learn more about how you can do your part to help finish and equip the new Peel Memorial.

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