You may be narcissist if you geek out over `Star Wars`

London, Dec 26 (ANI): Geek out much? The ‘Star Wars’ fandom may awaken narcissism in you, according to a new study.

The University of Georgia study found that those who take part in “geeky events” are more likely to have an “elevated grandiose” level of narcissism, the Independent reported.

Psychologists examined the personality traits of those who turn to “geek culture,’ developing a Geek Culture Engagement Scale and a Geek Identity Scale to help quantify the figures.

It was found that those who scored highly on both scales were more likely to narcissists.

Research lead Jessica McCain said that Geek culture is a subculture of enthusiasts that is traditionally associated with obscure media like Japanese animation, science fictions and video games. The findings suggest that geek media is especially attractive to narcissists, independent of demographic variables.

The study appears in Public Library of Science One journal. (ANI)

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