Young gamers turn professional racers at Nissan GT Academy

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Tokyo, Feb.2 (ANI): Leading with a passion for innovation that excites!

Nissan has been organising the Nissan GT Academy to challenge young gamers to turn their dream to become professional racers into reality.

The GT Academy normally starts with online Qualifications via PlayStation Network and Live Event qualification.

Selected top 10 competitors from each qualifications channel will compete in the national final competition to flight for one of the six tickets to the “GT Academy Race Camp” in Silverstone, and fight for only the one chance to become a member of Nissan NISMO racing team athlete.

Started in Europe in 2008, Nissan GT Academy has been originated with a belief that excellent virtual racing-gamers can become professional racers if they are properly trained with high-level motorsports skills.

The dream was realized for the winners of GT Academy in previous years, such as current NISMO athletes Lucas Ordonez, and Jann Mardenborough.

Nissan established the GT Academy with a solid intention to give young generation opportunities to become a professional racing driver with the NISMO team, which will change their lives forever.

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Nissan GT Academy is also determined to develop racing rookies from people that have the right skills, the passion for learning and improving themselves, and most importantly the willpower to make their dreams of being racers come true.

The academy is also reflected Nissan Brand DNA of ‘Innovation that Excites’

After the new season has started, one of the most tough part is to find the 6 winners to the race camp where the contester will race-sleep-eat-live together for one week at Silverstone Circuit.

The excitement of the game ultimately can change their live.

The competition includes a gaming challenge on the Nissan GT6 Simulators, media interviews, fitness challenges, and real driving challenges on the track with the actual car.

These tests are designed to demonstrate the qualities which are essential to racers – while the physical challenges reveal the competitor’s athletic strength and physical stamina, the driving challenges prove their vehicle-controlling skills, adroitness, and focus.

Thailand and India joined with the Nissan GT Academy in 2014, followed by Japan, Philippine and Indonesia joined in 2015. Nissan has supported over a million of young fans to unlock their potentials, follow their dreams, and get to taste the real world-class motorsports.

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The Nissan GT Academy 2016 is expected to be starting in April.

This would truly be the best chance for all the virtual racers across Asia and the globe to join in to make their dreams true to be becoming as a professional racing car driver.

Japan’s Toshiba has developed a hi-tech device fitted on spectacles, which reflects the various informations in 1.25 meters ahead sight of the device view.

Wearing the glasses she can keep the sight as it is.

For example, during the maintenance work of the bridges or the tunnels, a worker can complete his mission without interrupting operation of his both hands.

It contributes to knocking investigation for bridge or tunnel wall. He can get necessary information from screen in his wearable glasses simultaneously.

In the situation of working for the warehouses or the distribution system, this wearable glasses is functional for navigation to the destination or pick up working with hands free.

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The push notification is convenient to notify the accessing of carrying transportation. That is one of the characteristic function of this wearable glasses.

Not only for business, but it’s also useful for sightseeing. The necessary information like viewing spot or history of that place is indicated on wearable glasses.

This wearable glass is equipped with multiple languages. So that It performs as a tourist guide.

It is light and comfortable as same to normal glasses.

Yuki Kaneto, an official with the Toshiba Corporation, said, “Toshiba developed glassless 3DTV and made it product. Wearable glasses are triggered by glassless 3DTV technology. It is shipped to Japanese market at the beginning. Afterward it will be developed to Asia and international market. Especially Asian area has various factories. Wearable glasses are acceptable for these factories and connecting 2 factories and making order is available. The commander can direct through this wearable glasses from distant place.”

The wearable glasses realize more active work and play. (ANI)

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