Your cat needs to be really ‘cat healthy’

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Cats said to be masters of disguise; they don’t want to see the vet!

Of the 7 million cats and 6.4 million dogs living in Canadian households 1, only 50% of cats saw a veterinarian in the past 12 months compared to 78% of dogs 2.  Why do we consider both to be family members, yet only one receives proper healthcare?

Cat Healthy, a Canadian non-profit, has a mission to help cats get improved preventive healthcare.

What is preventive healthcare?
It’s simple, it means bringing your cat to see the vet on a routine basis, to keep your cat healthy rather than waiting to treat illness.

Why do cats need preventive healthcare?
Routine examinations help to diagnose early signs of diseases before they have a chance to seriously harm your cat.

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Dr. Liz O’Brien, Board Certified Feline Specialist with Cat Healthy, says, “All too often, I don’t see patients until their quality of life has been compromised by illness or pain. Preventive care focuses on keeping cats healthy. Unfortunately, owners who don’t provide preventive care end up facing much larger veterinary costs that could have been avoided altogether.”

When should I start?
Right now! Cats are masters of disguise; they don’t want to see the vet – which is why it can be difficult to determine when they need to see the veterinarian. Setting up routine veterinary examinations will help to eliminate any guesswork.

Tips for going to the vet
For some, the idea of taking their cat to the vet is a nightmare. Luckily, the stress of going to the vet can be avoided.

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A cat carrier is a safe and easy way to travel with your cat. Finding a carrier that you don’t mind having around the house with the door open, and encouraging your cat to have catnip or food in the carrier can increase its willingness to accept the carrier as a safe place.

Placing the carrier in the foot well of the back seat and driving carefully can prevent injury and reduce a significant amount of stress for you and your cat.

Finally, placing a towel over the carrier provides an extra layer of privacy between your cat and other animals in the waiting room.

Regardless of what we think is right for our cat(s), preventive care is the only way to ensure we don’t miss a moment of purrfection with our feline companions.

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