Youth charged for terrorizing seniors in BC park


Safe for seniors to return

Abbotsford, July 24 (CINEWS) Last week a bunch of South Asian teenagers were charged with threatening and throwing objects at South Asian seniors in Abbotsford.
Abbotsford Police on Monday announced that Amarprit Singh Dhaliwal, 19, Gobind Denzil Singh Pangli, 19, and Suraj Narang, 18, have been charged with uttering threats and causing a disturbance. A 17-year-old male is also facing the same charges but cannot be named.
On the evening of July 16th the Abbotsford Police Department received a call reporting that four males were driving around Goldfinch Park in a vehicle, yelling and throwing objects at people in the park. This park has frequented by a large number of seniors, many of whom happen to be South Asians.
They were yelling in Punjabi and saying everything from sort of more generic obscenities to basically saying they better get out of the park or they are going to kill them.”
The seniors in the park expressed concern that the suspects would act on the threats. Many also stated that the suspects were using some type of a device to broadcast or amplify their voices as they drove by.
On Saturday, July 18 at 8 p.m., two covert surveillance APD members stopped a blue Infiniti sedan with four male occupants near the park. One of the passengers appeared to be raising a megaphone to his mouth just before the interaction with police. Based on descriptions and details provided by the witnesses and additional evidence, all four of the men were arrested.
Some of the seniors in the park were worried enough about their safety that they started coming to the park armed with sticks and bats.
According to a police spokesperson, the strange thing about these kids is that they come from affluent backgrounds and live in supposedly stable homes. They have access to their parents’ BMWs and other late model cars which they take out and terrorize seniors.
Perhaps this is a case of teenagers having little or nothing else to do all through the long summer and this is one way they fill in the hours and amuse themselves. The question is are their parents aware or around. Perhaps they are out working to make more money. They certainly will be needing it all given that a lot may have to go to expensive lawyers who will be needed to keep their children out of prison in the years to come.

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