‘Youth should dream to achieve their goals’, says ONGC Director

Gurgaon, Oct. 24 (ANI): “How can you actualize your goals if you don’t dream?” was the question posed by, DD Misra, Director (HR), ONGC at the recently concluded Annual Leadership Conclave Samvaad’15, hosted by Management Development Institute in Gurgaon.

The conclave focussed on the theme, “Emerging leaders of Innovative India” and made students think about their career goals and how best to achieve them.

According to DD Misra, a leader is someone who harnesses everyone’s potential. But he or she shouldn’t shy away from seeking help. He elaborated that a true leader accepts responsibility, develops discipline and leads with passion.

“Passion towards what you do is very important. All youngsters should dream and actualize their goals. But for that, you should also know what your inner calling is,” he added.

He stated that passion and management skills are intricately woven in a leader and added that a leader has to find inner calling of each and every person in his team.

Meanwhile, Air Vice Marshal Baladitya, who was also present on the occasion, emphasised on team building and leadership traits for overall success of a team.

He stressed upon: how every member of a team should enjoy others’ successes, provision of the right eco-system for growth, looking for growth indicators, killer instinct and the ability to harness the potential of your team effectively.

Regarding choosing one’s mentor in life, Baladitya said that we should become our own coaches as we best know our strengths and weaknesses.

“It’s important to spend time with yourself, introspecting. Inner coach will guide you to the right path. Visualize – learn to think ahead,” said Baladitya.

He also stated that coaching oneself doesn’t come naturally and one has to be trained for the same.

“Real elevation, when life pulls you down, has to come from inside,” he added.

Ashwani Lohani, Chairman and Managing Director at Air India, spoke about transformational leadership at the event. “Good thing to manage any team is by walking around. It’s important to know each and every bit of your territory,” he said.

Lohani stressed that a leader has tremendous will power and common sense. But he spoke about “No risk, no gain” policy as well. He said, “A leader should have the ability to take risks. Risk taking is important to reach breakthrough growth levels.”

He further stated that every output requires an input but not every input will guarantee an output.

Lohani also talked about how it is very crucial for leaders to strive for excellence in whatever they do.

By: Kirti Arora(ANI)

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