Zayn Malik is desperate to make Perrie Edwards jealous with Carlyn Bryan

Los Angeles, October 3 (CINEWS): While Zayn Malik, 22, keeps on making references on online networking about the new young lady in his life, Perrie Edwards, 22, is “not getting tied up with” his shenanigans.zayn

The artist thinks the previous One Direction star is “frantic” and on the bounce back with Carlyn Bryan, 23! has the EXCLUSIVE inside scoop.

On the off chance that Zayn is attempting to make his ex-desirous, he’s not making a decent showing! “Perrie is not losing any rest over Zayn and his new young lady toy. She supposes he’s attempting to make her envious and she’s not becoming tied up with it,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s similar to how frantic is he to post a pic of the Tustin sign on the interstate (the city where Carlyn is from) on his Instagram. Once more, Perrie feels like this is just Zayn needing to get under her skin in light of the fact that she would not give back any of his telephone calls or messages after he said a final farewell to her. In addition she knows any young lady he gets included with at this moment is simply going to be a bounce back and won’t last.” Stay solid Perrie!

As beforehand reported, Perri has no goal of giving back her wedding band to Zayn. “Perrie still has the ring and plans on keeping it and not for wistful reasons. She feels like Zayn doesn’t should get it back, not after the way he treated her and the way he said a final farewell to her. There’s truly no chance to get in hellfire she’s giving that ring back,” a source let us know EXCLUSIVELY

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