10 overground workers of terror outfit held in Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir’s state investigation agency (SIA) on Wednesday arrested 10 overground workers (OGWs) of Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) terror outfit during raids in south and central Kashmir areas.

SIA sources said these raids were carried out during the night at different locations.

“These raids were focused on the network of JeM. Ten persons, who were part of the OGW modules and taking instructions from JeM commanders, have been arrested.

“The module whose members were organised into sub-modules, in the form of verticals, so that in the event of detection of one member the bigger network does not get compromised, have been painstakingly discovered through discreet surveillance in which corroborative intelligence capable of being converted into admissible evidence in court was used to ascertain and confirm the OGW membership of these individuals”, sources said.

The SIA was constituted recently to investigate cases connected with militancy and secession.



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