100-gram gold coin end up in garbage, honest worker returns it

An upright sanitation worker of the Greater Chennai Corporation is in news for her deed of restoring a gold coin that she found in collected waste to its rightful owners, through the police.

Mary was sorting out the garbage collected from various domestic households at Thiruvattiyur street when she heard a tinkle. She thought that it would be some metallic object or a coin but found that it was a gold coin.

Meanwhile, Ganesh Raman had lodged a complaint with Sathangadu police station that he had lost the 100 gram gold coin that he had packed in an old polythene cover and kept under his bed. He said that it had somehow it landed up in the waste bin of his home and would have found its way to the corporation’s garbage bin.

Police searched the visuals in the CCTV cameras installed but to no avail as the packed coin was flung into the waste bin during the cleaning for Ayudha Pooja celebrations.

Raman and his family had also approached the local conservancy supervisor but to no avail.

However, police and Raman were surprised when Mary walked into the police station to hand over the gold coin, which was eventually returned to its rightful owner.

Interacting with media persons, Mary, who is striving hard to make two ends meet, said: “When I found the gold coin, I did not have any second thoughts and went straight to the nearby police station and handed it over to the station in charge.”