100 school buildings in Pudukottai in TN to be demolished


The district collector of Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu on Saturday ordered the demolition of 100 school buildings in the district as they did not adhere to safety standards.

The school education department had sent a communique to the district authorities on the poor conditions of 259 school buildings in the district and higher officials have selected 100 out of them. The 100 selected by higher officials are ordered to be demolished by the district collector.

An official with the higher education department who does not wish to be named told IANS, “We had submitted a list of 259 schools but the district authorities ordered for the demolition of 100 school buildings and the rest have to be repaired.”

The district collector has already passed on the orders to the Public Works Department (PWD) and the District Rural Development Authority (DRDA) for the demolition of the school buildings.

The official also informed that almost all the school buildings that are to be demolished are not in use and classes are being taken at other buildings either on rent or on a makeshift basis till the new buildings are constructed.

It may be noted that a school wall collapsed on Friday at Tirunelveli leading to the death of three students, while three others were grievously injured. The building was in Tirunelveli town and near the Municipal corporation building.



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