100 young artists reimagine India


As part of a programme to celebrate SH Raza’s centennial, ‘Yuva Sambhav’, an art exhibition where hundred young artists of India will exhibit their artwork in different galleries of Delhi, will open simultaneously on March 26 and continue till April 9 at Bikaner House, Triveni Kala Sangam, Visual Art Gallery IHC, Kings Plaza IIC, Romain Rolland Art Gallery Alliance Francaise in the capital.

This has been curated by Akhilesh and coordinated by Manish Pushkale.

The exhibition is meant to be a cultural experiment that addresses identity politics and intersectional perspectives.

According to the curator, Indian contemporary art and its associated areas remain largely niche and urban-centric, and it is crucial for the discourse on Indian contemporary art to de-centralise and foreground alternative and regional ecosystems. Also, there is a need to look at emerging voices from peripheral regions.

The artists chosen for the exhibition are consistently moulding the context of art through sub-textual imprints of its history, culture, metaphysics, socio-politics, and ecology.

The selection is not restricted to or limited by the genre of pure and/or formal abstraction, figuration, or conception, but is inclusive by the reverberations of a collective genesis embedded within a universal synthesis.

Through their enquiries, the artists present records of cognitive perceptions, and responses charged with intuitive insights a combination that characterises their expressions as eclectic, integrative, poignant, and sublime.

The conceived image is dynamic in reference to the trait of archetypal imagery, integrating the past-formal along with the current hybrid trans-cultural relationships.

Some of the artists showing at the exhibition include Aditi Raman Karn, Anirban Saha, Arjun Das, Avinash Karn, Jyotiprakash Pradhan, Kanchan Karjee, Keerti Pooja, Urvi Sethna, Vasudeo Gaitonde, Sandip More, Sweety Joshi and Nema Ram Jangid among others.

“It was my dream to bring hundred young artists of India together just to celebrate the fellow artist,” said Akhilesh.



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