10th anniversary of International Buddhist Confederation celebrated in Delhi

The 10th anniversary of the International Buddhist Confederation was celebrated at Samrat Hotel in Delhi on Saturday. The officials and members of this Confederation from home and abroad took part in the event.

Deputy Secretary General of International Buddhist Confederation, Dhmand Porge, who came here from Sri Lanka, said “This Confederation is very old, it has been celebrating its anniversary for many years. The message of peace is to be given to the whole world and we have got Buddhism from India as a gift.”

The International Buddhist Confederation in Delhi is the largest religious Buddhist Confederation in India. The architect of the International Buddhist Confederation is Lama Lobzang. This Confederation is named as the first organisation that unites Buddhists from all over the world. As many as 300 Buddhist organisations are working with the Confederation and about 40 countries are working with this Confederation.




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