Agra April 22 (IANS) With 13 more coronavirus positive cases coming to light, the total such cases in Agra climbed to 313, officials said on Wednesday. Most of the new cases reported between late Tuesday evening and early Wednesday are health workers and their family members. An ambulance driver of the district hospital also tested corona positive.

The total includes 104 patients with Tablighi Jamaat connections. So far, there have been six deaths.

The number of infected patients at private Paras Hospital has reached 90.

The district administration on Wednesday announced new guidelines on supplies.

Police enforced lockdown restrictions effectively in the past three days, seizing a large number of vehicles and booking hundreds of violators. A temporary jail was set up at the MD Jain Inter College near Hari Parbat police station to lock in violators.

On the social media, people suggested imposition of a curfew and deployment of paramilitary forces to infuse some discipline into the public.

Meanwhile, Rakesh Chauhan, president of Agra Hotels and Restaurants Association, has written to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister to demand relief in taxes, fixed charges on electricity and other government levies.




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