13th Rock art cluster found in Madurai

A cluster of rock paintings, including that of an elephant and human forms, has been found by rock art researchers in Poosaripatti in Melur taluk of Madurai.

This is the 13th rock art site in Madurai.

Rock art researchers V. Bala Bharathi and V. Bala Murali had visited a cave behind a boulder that had been broken for mining in the area.

The researchers also found that there were numerous red and white paintings on the sides of the cave where the rock paintings were found in Poosraipatti. The paintings in the cave, according to the researchers were in various shades including both light and dark. The researchers also said that the drawings were done by the inhabitants of the cave many years ago.

Bala Bharathi told IANS that these art forms have survived because mining was banned in the region. He said that however many such art forms have been destroyed also and requested the government to declare it into a protected site.

The other rock art sites in Madurai are at Kongar Puliankulam, Muthupatti, Anaipatti, Karungalakudi, Keelakuyilkadi, Keelavalavu, Nadumuthalaikulam, Pulipudavu, Pudurmalai, Thiruvathavur, Vasimalai, and Kidirapatti.




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