14 black fungus cases reported in Gurugram in last 24 hours

Cases of black fungus are increasing in Gurugram with every passing day. During the past 24 hours the district health department has confirmed 14 new cases of the infection. With this the total figure has risen to 170.

These include patients living in outer districts and states apart from Gurugram. Those who are being treated in various hospitals of the district, according to the district health department.

The city has recorded four suspected deaths due to black fungus in Gurugram. However, none of these have been confirmed by the district health department.

Dr Amitabh Malik, Chief, ENT department, Paras Hospital, Gurugram said, this infection is happening to many diabetes patients battling Covid-19 and those who have weak immunity.

“When a diabetic patient has Corona, he is given steroids which weakens the immunity and increases sugar levels. This is not a new form of infection. This includes people who have health problems or take medicines that reduce the body’s ability to fight germs and disease. These generally affect people with diabetes, cancer or people who have had organ transplants,” Dr Malik added.

According to doctors, the common symptoms associated with the disease are headache, facial pain, nasal congestion, loss of vision or eye pain, swelling of the cheeks and eyes.

However, no cases of white fungus have been reported so far in the district.

Dr. Shashank Vashisth, Senior Consultant, ENT Department of Columbia Asia Hospital, said that white fungus is a fungus named Candida that is white in color. It also affects those people whose immunity is weak.