15 arrested after clashes in E.Jerusalem


Israeli police said on Friday that they have arrested 15 people in clashes in eastern Jerusalem.

Early on Friday morning, stones were thrown at officers and vehicles in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, dpa news agency quoted the police as saying.

Fireworks were also set off.

Sheikh Jarrah is located in the Arab eastern part of Jerusalem, north of the Old City.

The neighbourhood has been the focus of attention for decades because of property disputes.

Both Israeli settlers and Palestinians claim ownership there.

Forced evictions of Palestinian homes have repeatedly provoked protests, some of them violent, in recent years.

A Supreme Court decision in a case involving four Palestinian families was expected next week.

For days, supporters of the families have been meeting in Sheikh Jarrah to break their Ramadan fast with the sunset iftar meal together outdoors.

According to the media, there have already been repeated clashes.

As the portal ynet wrote, settlers also sat down at a table on a street on Thursday evening.

Among them was the far-right politician Itamar Ben-Gvir.

The status of Jerusalem is one of the central disputes in the Middle East conflict.

Israel claims Jerusalem as its “eternal and indivisible capital”, while the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as their capital.