15 juvenile first-time offenders in Chennai given driving lessons

The Greater Chennai Police has commenced a 30-day driving training programme for 15 juveniles who were involved in first-time offences.

They are being given driving training at the Institute of Road Transport (IRT) in Taramani and 50 days in Tiruvallur.

The programme, which got underway on Monday, is a part of the Personal Attitude Reformation Assistance Venture Affirming Identity or Paravai scheme of the state government under its flagship Carrier Guidance Programme.

Daily allowance, including a small remuneration and travel allowance to attend the programme at Taramani, are also being provided to them.

Those who have difficulties in travelling home will be provided accommodation at the IRT, besides books, uniforms and food.

The Paravai programme, which is termed a flagship programme of the state government, is aimed at rehabilitating first-time offenders in the age group of 18-24. The programme envisaged by the state social welfare department commenced functioning in March 2022.

Under the programme, the youngsters will be provided legal assistance, skill training and even assistance in finding jobs. The aim of the programme is to bring first-time offenders into mainstream life and to prevent them from entering the world of crime.




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