15 ministries engaged to make India self-reliant on toys

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to make India self-reliant in manufacturing toys, the government is ready with National Toy Action Plan, engaging 15 ministries and departments.

These ministries and departments have been tasked to develop a competitive atmosphere among the toy industries to achieve the goal of making the country self-reliant in toy manufacturing.

Modi shared the information while speaking after inaugurating the India Toy Fair 2021 through video conferencing on Saturday.

Noting the increasing demand for Made in India toys, Modi said the country has now ranked the toy industry in 24 major sectors. He also mentioned about the demand for handmade toys.

“The National Toy Action Plan has also been prepared. It has included 15 ministries and departments to make these industries competitive, countries to become self-reliant in toys, and India’s toys also go into the world,” the Prime Minister said.

“If there is a demand of Made in India toys today, then the demand of handmade in India is also increasing equally. Today, people do not only buy toys as a product but also want to connect with the experience associated with that toy. So, we have to promote handmade toys in India as well.”

In the field of toys, Modi said India has tradition and technology in toy making as well as concepts and competence.

“We can take the world back towards eco-friendly toys, through our software engineers computer games can bring the stories of India to the world.”

The four-day fair, from February 27 to March 2, aims to bring together all stakeholders including buyers, sellers, students, teachers, and designers on a virtual platform to create sustainable linkages and encourage dialogue for the overall development of the industry.

Through this platform, the government and the industry shall come together to discuss how India can be made the next global hub for manufacturing and sourcing of toys by way of attracting investments in the sector and promoting exports.

Over 1,000 exhibitors from across 30 states and Union Territories will display their products in an e-commerce enabled virtual exhibition. It will showcase traditional Indian toys as well as modern toys including electronic toys, plush toys, puzzles and games.

The toy fair will also host numerous webinars and panel discussions with eminent Indian and international speakers with proven capabilities in toy design and manufacturing.

For children, it is an opportunity to participate in a plethora of activities, including craft demonstrations on traditional toy making and virtual visits to toy museums and factories.