16-yr-old Kerala girl dies after being hit by train

A 16-year-old girl died on Saturday when a speeding train hit her while she was crossing a railway track in Kerala’s Kannur to board her school bus.

According to an eyewitness, the victim, Nandita P. Kishore’s mother would drop her in a car every day.

However, on Saturday, a train, which was to pass at 6.40 a.m., was delayed by an hour and arrived at the time when the teenager was hurriedly crossing the track.

“When her car reached the level crossing it was closed and two days back, since she had missed her school bus, the girl was hurrying to cross the track on Saturday. Another student had already crossed, while the victim, on seeing the train approaching, tried to run, but was knocked down. Even though she was quickly shifted to the hospital, she couldn’t be saved,” the eyewitness said.

The locals reacted by saying that the school authorities should ensure that proper orientation is given to all students regarding rules and regulations to be followed while crossing railway tracks, especially when the gates of the level crossing are closed.




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