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193 people killed in IDF attack in last few hours: Gaza Health Ministry

Gaza Health Ministry Spokesperson Ashraf Al Quadra on Sunday said that the IDF has killed 193 people and injuring 652 in last few hours in Gaza.

He said that the total death toll so far has reached 15,207 while 40,652 have been injured since October 7.

He said that the Israel army has also bombed the Shubra area in Gaza.

Quadra said that 70 per cent victims are children and women. “There are assaults and violations in the health sector as well,” he said.

He said that the Israeli violations against the health system resulted in the death of 280 medical staff members while injuring hundreds of them.

He said that the Israeli forces have arrested 31 medical staff members and they have deliberately targeted 130 health institutions and destroyed 20 hospitals and 46 health centers.

The Gaza Health Ministry, in a statement said, that the hospitals have lost their therapeutic and absorptive capabilities while the medical staff treat the wounded with very simple capabilities, and the wounded are lying on the ground.

It said that the IDF was deliberately targeting the ambulances leading to the destruction of 55 ambulances.

“The IDF is deliberately stifling the health system. They want to keep the medical facilities under dire need by cutting medical supplies and fuel,” the statement said.

The statement said that all hospitals were crowded with wounded, which exceeded their medical capabilities and absorptive capabilities, and lacked surgical tools.

It said that the number of those who left Gaza for treatment via Rafah crossing has reached 389 (including 358 wounded and 31 oncology patients).

“8,00,000 people have lost their homes in Gaza. They are homeless, without food, drinking water, medicine, and are without any protection,” the statement said.

The Gaza Health Ministry has called upon the UN to pressure Israel for an international resolution and agreements relating to the protection of medical institutions, health service providers and legal frameworks to protect civilians.

“We call on the UN and WHO to work hard to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to immediately release medical staff members. We also call upon all the UN entities to find effective and urgent mechanisms to prevent the humanitarian and health catastrophe of more than 1.3 million displaced people,” the statement said.



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