2 African nationals held in Chennai for smuggling heroin worth Rs 70 cr

Two young African women passengers were arrested for trying to smuggle in 9.87 kg of heroin valued at Rs 70 crore, the Commissioner of Customs at the Chennai International Airport said on Friday.

In a statement issued here, the Customs said two African lady passengers, who arrived by a Qatar Airways flight from Johannesburg via Doha, were intercepted at the exit point on suspicion of carrying narcotics.

One of them was in a wheelchair and on being questioned by the Customs officials about her health, she gave an evasive answer.

The two were carrying a stroller bag each having false bottoms.

On checking the bags, eight packets containing 9.87 kg of heroin were found and seized.

On questioning, it was learnt that one lady passenger from Zimbabwe was travelling to India for medical treatment at a private super-speciality hospital in Delhi along with her attendant, a resident of Cape Town in South Africa, on a visa granted on the basis of communication from the hospital.

Owing to Covid-19 scare in Delhi, they had landed in Chennai.