2 cops suspended for beating minor in Gujarat’s Jamnagar

Two police constables have been suspended in Gujarat’s Jamnagar for allegedly beating a minor.

The suspension order was given by Jamnagar District Superintendent of Police (DSP) Prem Sukh Delu and on Friday, he had also ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Addressing reporters, the DSP said that the minor’s parents personally complained to him against two constables Hitesh Chavda and Vanraj Khavad that they had beaten their 17-year-old son.

“As a minor is the said victim of alleged atrocity, I can’t take it lightly and so immediate action of suspension was taken and an inquiry has been ordered,” he added.

Chavda and Khavad were posted at Jamnagar’s B division police station.

However, Inspector H.P. Zala told IANS: “The DSP have suspended the constables on an oral complaint from the parents, the victim was never brought to the police station. No idea whether the constables had beaten the minor or not and for what reasons.”

According to police sources, the two constables suspected the minor to be involved in illegal liquor business and in an attempt to get information from him, they must have beaten him.




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