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2 from Kapil Sangwan gang nabbed for BJP leader’s murder in Delhi

After a brief shootout, two more sharpshooters, including a minor, of the infamous Kapil Sangwan-Lawrence Bishnoi gang involved in the killing of Delhi BJP leader Surender Matiala were apprehended, a Delhi Police’s Crime Branch official said on Friday.

Two automatic pistols, Tarus (made in Brazil) and Zigana (made in Turkey) were recovered from the possession of the accused identified as Pankaj alias Baba, a resident of Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan, and the minor.

Earlier in May, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had arrested two wanted criminals and members of the gang identified as Rajat Yadav alias Poppal (23), a resident of Chanchal Park, and Habib Ali alias Rahul (23), a resident of Najafgarh, in connection with the murder.

On April 14, two unidentified men had entered the office of Surender, district president Najafgarh Kishan Morcha of BJP Unit, and fired upon him leading to his death.

Police have apprehended a total of eight members of the Kapil Sangwan gang, including three juveniles, in connection with the murder.

The Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravinder Singh Yadav said that recently, information was received regarding two wanted and active criminals of Lawrence Bishnoi-Sampat Nehra-Kapil Nandu-Rohit Godara gang, would come to meet their associate in South Delhi’s Safdarjung Enclave area for planning of murder of the rivalry gang.

“Acting on the inputs, a team was formed and a trap was laid down near district park gate. At around 2.00 a.m. in early hours of Friday, two persons came on a motorcycle in front of district park, they parked the motorcycle and stood near the motorcycle,” said the Special Commissioner of Police (CP).

Later, the police team showed their ID cards and asked them to surrender, however, the duo opened fire upon the police team in which Inspector Rampal and ASI Narender were hit on their bullet-proof jackets.

“In retaliation and self-defence, police also opened fire and after a brief scuffle, both the accused were overpowered,” said the Special CP.

Upon questioning, it was revealed that the duo was hired by the gangsters Kapil alias Nandu and Rohit Godara of the Lawrence Bishnoi-Sampat Nehra gang.

“Nandu and Godara had earlier tasked them to commit the murder of Surender Matiala only to spread terror in the locality and to weaken the rival Manjit Mahal gang. Sampat Nehra arranged the shooters for the task with the help of his recruiting agents in Rajasthan. Now they were tasked to commit murder of a top gangster belonging to a rival Neeraj Bawana gang member,” said the Special Commissioner of Police (Crime).

The official added that the accused Pankaj was introduced to Rohit Godara by one Rakesh alias Chinnu of Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) (who is in Bhondsi Jail).

“On the directions of Rohit Godara and Kapil Nandu, he came to Delhi to commit the murder of a rival gang member in Tilak Nagar,” the official said.



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