2 Peel officers awarded the Ontario Medal for Police Bravery

Two Peel police officers were recognized with Ontario Medal of Bravery. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, awarded Constables Jason Beccario and Manikosh Pathak the province’s highest honour in recognition of police officers, for their courage and poise under extreme pressure while apprehending an armed and dangerous individual.

On June 8, 2016, Constables Beccario and Pathak responded to a 911 call of a man and woman fighting within the 21 Division area of Brampton, police said in a statement to CanIndia News. Upon arrival, the officers located the parties involved. The involved suspect was uncooperative resisted de-escalation efforts, physically resisted and attempted to assault the officers.

While the officers were attempting to arrest the man, he pulled a firearm from his waistband and fired a round at close range at Constable Beccario, less than 12 inches from his torso. As Constable Beccario and Constable Pathak drew their firearms, the suspect fired several more shots at the officers. Despite multiple attempts to shoot and kill them, Officers Pathak and Beccario displayed incredible courage and dedication in protecting the community by continuing to pursue the fleeing suspect while under fire as additional officers arrived on scene.

Knowing the dangers presented to anyone who encountered this suspect, the officers placed themselves at risk to ensure that this dangerous offender was apprehended, the media release said. Ultimately, this suspect was arrested and later convicted of Attempted Murder.

“Our community is that much safer with a dangerous offender off our streets due to this incredible act of bravery by Constables Beccario and Pathak,” the statement from Peel Police read. “We congratulate and commend Constable Beccario and Constable Pathak as recipients of the Ontario Medal of Bravery and for their professionalism, confidence in their training, and ability to control a chaotic event to ensure no members of the public were harmed.”



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