20 Black Kites rescued in April across Delhi-NCR

The heat wave with the onset of summers has seen a sharp rise in bird rescue incidents leading to an NGO already rescuing more than 20 Black Kites in April itself across Delhi-NCR. In March, it was almost 120 birds.

All these birds were found to be suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration, said Wildlife SOS on Saturday as it went on to rescue numerous birds from such distress situations and provided necessary medical aid to the city’s avian population.

Earlier this week, the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit, rescued a Black Kite fledgling from the garden of a residence at Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri.

The young bird was unable to fly, was seen lying motionless on the ground and excessive heat further aggravated the situation and made its condition even more critical.

The Wildlife SOS team first provided drinking water and hydrated the bird, after which it was carefully transferred to a transit facility. The Kite is currently under medical observation and will be released once declared fit by the Wildlife SOS veterinarians.

In another incident, a Black Kite was found caught in a deadly manja (glass-coated nylon strings), hanging from a tree inside a residential complex in Sheikh Sarai Phase-I of south Delhi but was rescued through a collaborative effort of the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit and the Delhi Fire Service.

It was suspected that the bird may have been stuck there for two days, and hence dehydrated.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and CEO, Wildlife SOS, said, “We get a lot of calls for Kite rescues during the summer months. The rise in temperatures makes birds sick and the major cause is dehydration due to heat stroke in birds. Kites have a tendency to fly at higher altitudes and are more prone to the excessive heat. While descending down in search of prey or water, they very often collapse on the ground due to exhaustion.”

In the month of March alone, the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit rescued nearly 120 birds, which included 30 Kites and more than 70 pigeons.

Wildlife SOS has appealed people to do their bit by putting out earthen water bowls and food in balconies, window sills, outside residential complexes and shops. Creating green cover by planting more trees and keeping potted plants also provide reprieve to these birds.

In cases where a citizen of Delhi-NCR comes across any such injured or exhausted bird, Wildlife SOS’ 24-hour helpline number (+91-9871963535) can be reached out.




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