‘2,000 British pubs didn’t survive pandemic’


Thousands of British pubs have not survived the raging coronavirus pandemic, and the ones that have will need financial support “for years if they are to recover”, according to an industry association,

“Many pubs will be reopening with a huge amount of debt,” dpa news agency quoted Dave Mountford from the Forum for British Pubs as saying to Sky News on Saturday.

At least 2,000 pubs have permanently closed, according to the report.

“They took bounce-back loans but this industry hasn’t bounced back,” Mountford said.

He added that it was unclear in what numbers people would return to pubs, and speculated whether they are now used to drinking at home.

“If I’m honest, it’s a pretty bleak future,” he added.

They have had to keep their doors shut for months due to the ongoing lockdown and previous regional restrictions.

Beer gardens are currently scheduled to reopen in England from the middle of April.