21-yr-old Sonu breaks free from bonds of child marriage after 17 years

Sonu (21), who was married at the age of four, became free from the curse of child marriage after a court Jodhpur district annulled her wedding which took place 17 years back.

Sonu had pleaded for annulment of her marriage after being encouraged by Saarthi Trust’s managing trustee and rehabilitation psychologist Kriti Bharti. Accordingly, judge Pukhraj Gehlot sent out a strong message to the society by annulling Sonu’s child marriage.

The daughter of a daily wage labourer at Pithawas village in Jodhpur district, Sonu was married about 17 years ago to a youth from Luni tehsil under community pressure.

Sonu suffered the agony of child marriage for about 17 years. The somehow she got the information about a campaign against child marriage. After being encouraged by Bharti, Sonu filed a case for annulment of her marriage in the family court. Her family members and even Bharti had to face many threats due to this.

After the jurisdiction of the court was expanded, the case was transferred to the ADJ (additional charge family court) in Bilara.

At the court, Bharti advocated the cause for annulling Sonu’s marriage, after submitting all age related proofs and other documents.

Judge Pukhraj Gehlot then gave a historic decision to annul Sonu’s marriage. This was the first child marriage that was annulled in the Bilara court.

“Now I will shape my future. With the help of Bharti didi, I will now study and realise my future dreams,” Sonu said.

Efforts are being made for better rehabilitation of Sonu, said Bharti.




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