Wednesday, July 24, 2024

24/7 medical assistance at Garba events, says Gujarat govt

To safeguard the health of its citizens during the forthcoming Navratri festival celebrations, the Gujarat government has issued a circular mandating the provision of medical teams, ambulances, and continuous medical care at the Garba events.

The circular, signed by Dr. Nilam Patel, Additional Director (Public Health), of the Department of Health, emphasized the need for such measures due to the large-scale ‘Ras Garba’ events organised across urban and rural areas during the Navratri Mahotsav, the officials said on Tuesday.

These events often draw significant crowds of devotees, raising concerns about potential health-related emergencies.

To address these concerns, the circular directs officials to ensure the presence of medical teams equipped with ambulances at these event venues. Furthermore, it stresses the importance of offering round-the-clock medical treatment and access to doctors at nearby health centers and hospitals.

While the circular does not explicitly mention the reasons behind these measures, it is speculated that recent incidents of heart attacks occurring at public events may have prompted this proactive approach to public health and safety.

These measures aim to provide timely medical assistance and create a safer environment for all those participating in the Navratri Garba festivities.



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