28 DU colleges in danger of ‘truncated’ governing bodies

The terms of governing bodies of 28 colleges supported by the Delhi government is coming to an end on March 14 this year.

In order for the new governing bodies to be formed, the names of new members have to be sent by the Delhi government.

If the names are not sent soon, the academic schedule and salaries in these colleges could be affected.

This includes 20 colleges that do not have permanently appointed principals. In the absence of permanent principals, the permanent appointments will be made by truncated governing bodies. This has happened even earlier.

In the 28 colleges aided by the Delhi government, 12 receive a 100 per cent grant. The remaining 16 colleges get a 5 per cent grant from the government. In these colleges, most posts for principals have been vacant for close to three or five years. Advertisements have been issued for the posts of principals and assistant professors.

Professor Hansraj Suman of Delhi Teachers Association (DTA) has expressed a concern that as soon as the term of the governing bodies is completed, the appointments process can be resumed.

Suman says if the Delhi government does not write to the Delhi University Vice Chancellor for the extension of the governing bodies, only truncated governing bodies will function in these colleges. The DTA has demanded from the Delhi government that it must write to the Vice Chancellor to extend the term of these governing bodies by at least three months each. Doing this will facilitate permanent appointments of principals and assistant professors .