28 entrenched mid-level staff in Delhi’s Trade and Taxes Dept shifted out

With an aim of bringing about objectivity, accountability and transparency in Delhi’s Department of Trade and Taxes, 28 entrenched staff at the middle level, who were posted in there for 5-7 years have been shifted out, the LG’s office said in a statement.

The action had been effected by the Chief Secretary at behest of Delhi LG V.K. Saxena. Only those first timers who never worked in the department have been posted and all officials who were on a repeat posting there have been removed, it said.

“To ensure farthest possible objectivity, ‘First in first out principle’ was followed while transferring from other non-sensitive departments to the Trade and Taxes Department,” said the LG’s office adding that officials at the middle level are at the cutting edge of the Trade & Taxes Department public interface as they are the ones who are entrusted with the assessment, supervision, inspection and enforcement functions or powers of the department.




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