3.5mn doses of Covid vax administered in Afghanistan since Aug’21


The Taliban has claimed that 3.5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in Afghanistan since they took over the country in August 2021, the media reported.

In a statement on Monday, the Ministry of Public Health said that they still have 3 million additional doses at their disposal and that 5 million more have been pledged to arrive in Afghanistan, reports Khaama Press.

Spokesperson of the Ministry Javed Hazheer said that they are distributing the vaccines in schools, universities, government administrations, mosques, and other places apart from health clinics across Afghanistan.

“We have 1,064 vaccination centres in Afghanistan among them 124 in Kabul and 911 in other provinces. We administer 21,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines on a daily basis,” he said.

Afghanistan has been receiving the vaccines from the US, China, India, and the COVAX international program.

In the meantime, Afghanistan has not reported any case of the Omicron variant yet.

Since the onset of the ongoing pandemic in early 2020, Afghanistan has reported a total of 159,896 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 7,393 deaths.



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