3 held in Ghaziabad village for killing man, throwing body in canal

Three persons were arrested in Ghaziabad’s Muradnagar area for allegedly slitting the throat of a man and throwing his body in Ganga canal near the Didouli village, police said.

The victim identified as Krishna Kumar had been reported as missing since Tuesday by his father Munesh Kumar. Five days later, on Saturday, his body was recovered near Saunda bridge in Muradnagar area.

The accused trio — Monu, Sumit, and Punit — all from Didouli village first made the victim drink alcohol, then made him unconscious by strangulating and finally killed him by slitting his neck with a sharp weapon. After killing Krishna his body was dumped in the canal in a plastic bag.

The three accused men put four bricks in the plastic bag so that the victim’s body could not come out of the water and then drowned the bag in the canal.

The police investigation also revealed that this murder was committed to avenge an old rivalry.

Krishna, a resident of Didouli village under Muradnagar police station area, had gone to a Manglik programme at 11 p.m. on January 22, but did not return home.

The victim’s relatives searched his whereabouts but to no avail.

During the search, the victim’s relatives found Krishna’s shoes lying in the room of a resident belonging to the same village as Krishna.

However, blood stains were found scattered at some distance from this room towards the canal. It is suspected that Krishna’s body was thrown into the canal after killing him. The person in whose room the victim’s shoes were found is also absconding.

Krishna’s father alleged that Monu and Sumit alias Chhotu were involved in the murder of his son. He lodged an FIR for a murder case against both of them at the Muradnagar police station on January 27.

Upon questioning by the people, both Monu and Sumit confessed to killing and throwing the body of Krishna in the canal.

On Saturday, police and divers recovered Krishna’s body near the Saunda bridge in Muradnagar after several hours of search operation. This body was packed in plastic bag and the victim’s throat was strangulated with a muffler.

DCP Ravi Kumar said, “Nearly two-and-a-half years ago, the deceased Krishna had a fight with the father of one of the accused Sumit alias Chhotu over some issue. Sumit’s father Anil had suffered head injuries in this fight. To avenge the same enmity, Sumit along with Monu and Puneet alias Kalu from the same village committed the murder. The police have arrested all the three accused.”




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