3 labourers death case: Lapse on part of Zuari Agro Chemicals, says Goa Minister

The state Ministry for Factories and Boilers’ prima facie probe into the death of three labourers in an accident at the Zuari Agro Chemicals plant in South Goa has found lapses on part of the company’s processes, Minister Nilkanth Halarnkar said on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters a day after the accident claimed three lives, Halarnkar also said that the fatal industrial accident occurred after workers attempted to cut open a gas tank with a flaming gas cutter.

“Labourers were trying to open the gas tank with a gas cutter. The nuts and bolts had rusted. This led to the blast,” Halarnkar told reporters here.

“The company has committed negligence. There was no plant manager site manager (onsite),” he also said.

Halarnkar also said that his department would carry out a thorough investigation into the tragedy.

“Prima facie investigation has been conducted. Department will carry out a thorough investigation and it appears that there was a lapse on part of the company,” Halarnkar said.




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