3 Patna police constables suspended after a public spat


Patna police on Wednesday suspended three constables, including two females, after they were involved in a quarrel in the middle of the road near Gandhi Maidan area.

Patna Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Upendra Sharma suspended all three policemen for breaching the conduct.

The two female constables, Swati Kumari and Shalu Kumari were part of a traffic police team deployed at Kargil Chowk adjacent to the Gandhi Maidan when they intercepted a biker under routine checking drive. The biker was a relative of a sub-inspector deployed at Pirbahore police station.

The biker gave the reference of the sub-inspector but traffic police personnel did not listen to him. After that, the sub-inspector reached the Kargil Chowk with his team in a police van.

After a heated argument, the traffic police allowed the biker to go scot free without paying the fine. The police team led by the sub-inspector and the traffic police team got involved in a heated war of words with each other on the middle of the road.

During the argument, women traffic constable Swati Kumari pushed police constable Dharmendra Chaudhary which led to a heated argument between them. Suddenly, Swati slapped Dharmendra on his face while the latter also assaulted her. Another female traffic constable Shalu Kumari came in support of Swati and beat up Dharmendra.

The incident led to a traffic snarl at Gandhi Maidan road after a large number of passersby assembled at the spot to see what is happening.

After the information about the spat reached SSP Upendra Sharma, he immediately suspended all the three constables.

“We have taken disciplinary action against the three constables and suspended them with immediate effect. The departmental action is underway,” Sharma said.