3 wickets have fallen in 3 months: Pashupati Paras on ‘Mahagatbandhan’ govt

Union Minister Pashupati Kumar Paras took a jibe at the grand alliance government in Bihar, claiming that “three of its wickets had fallen in three months”, because the Mahagathbandhan’s swearing-in ceremony did not take place in the “Shubh Muhrat” (auspicious time).

Interacting with media in his home constituency, Hajipur, he said: “Kartikeya Master, who was facing the criminal charges of kidnapping, took the oath in Nitish Kumar Cabinet and became the Law Minister. After three days, he resigned from the post.”

Paras said that Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh released a controversial statement, of his department infested with thieves and him feeling like the “choron ka sardar” (head of thieves), before resigning.

“Now Education Minister Chandra Shekhar Yadav, a professor, gave a controversial statement on Ram Charit Manas and claimed that the religious book of Hindus spread hatred in the society. I don’t think he is an educated person and if he is, I doubt that he has read Ram Charit Manas properly.”

Apart from the NDA, the leaders of alliance partner JD-U have been demanding action against Yadav, of the RJD.

According to sources, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar wants Yadav to resign.

Paras claimed: “The way the Mahagathbandhan government is working in Bihar, I don’t think it will go a long way. There is a big gap in the alliance partners.”

He alleged that Nitish Kumar aimed to become the Prime Minister and hence, had left the NDA to join the RJD.

“Now, what would (Deputy Chief Minister) Tejashwi (Yadav) do when he has to pick between Rahul Gandhi and Nitish Kumar,” Paras asked.




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