30.6% feel their living standards will improve in next one year


A total of 30.6 per cent respondents in the five poll-bound state think that their living standards will improve in the next one year, as per the ABP-CVOTER-IANS BATTLE FOR THE STATES – WAVE 1.

The survey was conducted in five states — Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur — which will go to the polls next year.

The survey found that overall, 10.6 per cent think that their living standards will remain the same, while 25.4 per cent feel that they will deteriorate in the next one year.

According to the survey, in the ‘will improve’ category, 29.4 per cent are from Goa, 47.1 per cent from Manipur, 17.6 per cent from Punjab, 33.8 per cent from UP, and 29.3 per cent are from Uttrakhand,. The all-India average is 30.6 per cent.

In the ‘will remain same’ category, Manipur tops the list with 17.4 per cent, followed by Goa with 15.9 per cent, UP with 12.1 per cent, Uttarakhand with 6.3 per cent, and Punjab with 4.3 per cent of respondents. The overall average is 10.6 per cent.

A total of 39.6 per cent of respondents from Punjab said their living standards will deteriorate, followed by Goa at 37.8 per cent, Uttarakhand at 32.8 per cent, Manipur at 30.4 per cent, and UP at 24.2 per cent. The overall average is 25.4 per cent.

The overall sample size for the survey was 81,006 in five states covering 690 Assembly seats. This state poll is part of the largest and definitive independent sample survey tracker series carried out in India over the last 22 years, conducted by independent international polling agency CVoter.