Saturday, June 15, 2024

3,000 Thai nationals repatriated from Tel Aviv in 10 special SpiceJet flights

SpiceJet operated ten special flights, repatriating more than 3,000 Thai nationals from Tel Aviv amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas, an airline spokesperson said.

According to an airline spokesperson, the airline used its Airbus A-340 aircraft for these special flights.

“These special flights, conducted between October 20 and 31, included routes from Tel Aviv to Bangkok and Tel Aviv to Fujairah in the UAE. In addition to facilitating the return of Thai citizens, SpiceJet also operated multiple flights carrying Indian nationals from Israel to India,” the spokesperson added.

“The airline has actively participated in various repatriation efforts led by the Indian government. SpiceJet played a crucial role in uniting families, ensuring the transportation of essential supplies during the pandemic, and has always actively engaged in government-led repatriation and evacuation operations such as ‘Operation Kaveri’ and ‘Operation Ganga’,” the spokesperson said.



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