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325,000 Ontario hydro customers taken off rate protection

The Ontario government is scrapping legislation that aims to regulate the price of electricity for more than 325,000 hydro customers in Ontario.

Predictably the move is causing fear among low-income advocates, tenants and condo owners that electricity costs could rise for anyone who pays for their hydro through a sub-metering company.

Many low-income Ontarians get a subsidy of about $45 a month through the Ontario Electricity Support Program — that goes toward the cost electricity.

The changes proposed by the Ford government were announced last December as part of its Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act — or Bill 66 — and have all but killed a year-long process started by the previous Liberal government and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to regulate prices in this sector.

The changes will affect the roughly 325,000 residential and business customers who pay for their electricity through a unit sub-metering company.
Sub-metering companies allow landlords to shift the cost of electricity to tenants and condo owners by installing “suite-meters” in each unit, rather than having a single meter for the entire building.
This has allowed landlords and property managers more flexibility and tenants are now more likely to be mindful of their electricity use given they are responsible for the bill. -CINEWS

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