36 F-7BGI aircraft purchased by B’desh from China to boost military supplies

China has been trying since a long time to emerge as a major defence exporter to India’s neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

The F-7 BGI is a multi-role capable aircraft manufactured by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, China. It was specially designed to meet the requirements of Bangladesh Air Force for cost-effective multi-role fighter aircraft. It is said to be the most advanced version of the F-7 fighter aircraft ever.

F-7 BG upgraded with J-7G technology for Bangladesh. Unlike other cheaper and downgraded export variants of J-7G, the F-7 BGI (I for Improved) is in fact more advanced than J-7G it is developed from. Improvements of F-7 BGI over F-7BG such as 3 MFDs and more powerful fire control radar would in turn, incorporated to J-7G2 developed later. The capability of F-7 BGI is improved over earlier F-7BG resulted from upgrades listed below, and delivery of 16 such fighter aircrafts was signed in 2011 and completed in 2013. Even with the latest J-7 technology, this aircraft does not have the capability to carry any BVR missile and is armed only with short-range, infrared homing air-to-air missiles for air to air combat, like other J-7s.

* F-7 BGI has a speed of Mach 2.2

* 5 Hard-points to carry air-to-air missiles, laser-guided bomb, GPS-guided bombs, drop tanks

* Full glass cockpit

* F-7 BGI has KLJ-6F radar

* Afterburner: F-7 BGI (82 kN) thrust

* F-7 BGI got J-7G2 Airframe with double delta wing. This improves the lift at high angles of attack and delays or prevents stalling

* G-limit: +8 g / -3 g

* Service ceiling: 17,500 m (57,420 ft) for F-7 BGI

* 3 Multi functional HUD displays and HOTAS


* Reportedly more maneuverable than most of the Mig21s and many of the other contemporary fighters

* F-7 BGI can armed with the PL-5, PL-7 and probably the PL-9 short range air-to-air missiles

* Can carry bombs and unguided rocket pods of 3000 pound, including Chinese laser-guided bombs




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