390 buildings destroyed in Kiev since invasion began


Since Russia launched its ongoing invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 390 buildings have been destroyed in Kiev, of which 222 are residential apartments, the City Council said.

In a social media post on Tuesday, the Council said: “We have already identified 20 residential buildings where we must start restoration work as a matter of priority. So that people can return to their homes more quickly. The approximate cost of this work will be 5.8 million euros.

“Specialists are still inspecting the remaining residential buildings to determine the damage. Today we can say that 17 residential buildings in the capital have received significant damage, and we are waiting for the recommendations of experts.”

The City Council said that the shelling and bombing damaged the buildings of 75 educational institutions, 30 of which were pre-schools, reports Ukrayinska Pravda.

In addition, 17 healthcare and 11 cultural facilities have also been damaged.

Also in a statement, Kiev Mayor Mayor Vitali Klitschko said the overall reconstruction work in the capital city is estimated at a whopping 70 million euros.

He noted that all Kiev residents who lost their houses as a result of the Russian shelling have been given accommodation in temporary housing.

The Mayor of the capital said that after May 9, citizens who left Kiev at the beginning of the war may “gradually return” to the capital.

He said that about 2.2 million people have remained in Kiev throughout the war.



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