3rd express with 64T O2 reaches Hyderabad


The third Oxygen Express from Angul in Odisha to Telangana reached Hyderabad on Wednesday, South Central Railway officials said.

The train carrying five tankers loaded with 64.24 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) arrived at Sanath Nagar Station.

It was on May 9 the Express with empty tankers started from Sanathnagar New Goods Complex to MBMB siding (M/s. Tata Steel BSL Ltd.,) Angul in Odisha, where they were filled with LMO.

The first Oxygen Express for Telangana with five tankers loaded with 124.26 tonnes of LMO had reached Hyderabad on May 2.

The second Oxygen Express carrying 60.23 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) in four tankers arrived on May 4. All the three trains arrived from Odisha.

Indian Railways have started operating Oxygen Express trains on a mission mode to meet the Oxygen requirement in different parts of the country. Under this initiative, tankers filled with Liquid Oxygen are being transported by Railways through Ro-Ro (Roll on – Roll Off) service, South Central Railway (SCR).

In this way, the transportation of these tankers can be achieved with minimum enroute detention. As part of this initiative, SCR operated three oxygen expresses.

The Zone had proactively identified the station capable of handling the Oxygen Express in the twin cities area. Immediately, on receipt of the request from the state government, the originating station as well the Green Corridor to move the Oxygen Express was mapped till the destination station.

The Green Corridor is mapped so as to ensure faster movement of these tankers. As height is one of the important aspect of moving the tankers by trains, the green corridor is mapped taking into consideration various constraints like curves, Road Over Bridges, platform canopies, overhead equipment etc., along the route.

Considering its importance, the movement of these trains is being monitored continuously at the apex level. Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR advised the officials to continue taking proactive steps in case of any request for further Oxygen Express movement over the zone.