4 arrested for murder of Congress leader’s son in Bihar

The police in Bihar’s Buxar have arrested four persons in connection with the murder of a Congress leader’s son, an official said on Tuesday.

The body of the deceased, Bipin Bihari Ojha was recovered from Dharmawati river.

Buxar Superintendent of Police (SP) Neeraj Kumar Singh claimed that it was a case of love affair and the crime was executed in cold blood.

“Bipin was in an affair with a distant relative girl for the last five years. The girl was the niece of Bipin’s aunt. When the father and brothers of the girl learnt about their affair, they arranged the marriage of the girl with a person named Ravi Kumar Mishra. The accused revealed that despite the fact that the girl was married, Bipin was forcing her for physical relation,” the SP said.

“The girl was miffed with the torture of Bipin. As per the plan, she called Bipin to come for a meeting near Dharmawati river. When he came, Ravi Mishra, her brother Ajay Chaubey and Vijay Chaubey overpowered him. They have stabbed him multiple times until death. After the murder, the accused dumped the body near Dharmwati river and also disposed off his bike,” the officer said.

“Bipin was missing for the last 6 days. His mobile phone was also switched off. We have scanned the call details of Bipin and reached the girl who was having the last call detail on his mobile phone,” Kumar said.

After Bipin’s murder, Vijay fled from Buxar and he was hiding at a relative’s house in Naubatpur, Patna.

“We conducted a raid in Naubatpur and arrested him. Initially, Vijay tried to mislead us and denied any role in the murder of Bipin. When we strictly interrogated him, he broke down and confessed to the crime,” he said.

“Following his revelation, we have recovered the body and bike of the deceased from the place near Dharmawati river. We have also arrested four persons including Vijay Chaubey. The other three persons are Ajay Chaubey, his brother, mother and aunt. They are part of the conspiracy,” Kumar said.

“Vijay’s father Kanhaiya Chaubey, the woman and her husband Ravi Mishra are still absconding,” he said.