4 engineering students suspected in K’taka gang rape case


In a major breakthrough in the Mysuru gang rape case, the special team investigating the crime has managed to obtain vital clues on the gruesome incident.

According to sources, the police have zeroed in on four students of a reputed engineering college in Mysuru.

The police have obtained their tower locations from the crime spot. When the police tried to reach the suspects, they were not found.

After an inspection at their college, the police found out that the four students did not attend an examination scheduled on Wednesday, a day after the incident.

However, tower locations confirmed their presence in Mysuru on Tuesday.

The police strongly suspect that the four students committed the crime and disappeared after it came to light, the sources said.

Among the four students, three are from Kerala and one from Tamil Nadu.

Special teams have obtained all details from the college and are on their way to Kerala and Tamil Nadu to inquire about them.

Home Minister Araga Jnanendra is holding a press conference after chairing a meeting with top police officers in Mysuru.

It is expected that he is going to make a major announcement in connection with the case.